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My Forest Armenia

Forests are indispensable for human life on earth. We carry out large-scale reforestation works in Armenia, planting biodiversity-rich native species.


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Our Mission

My Forest Armenia’s mission is to sustainably increase forest coverage, impacting the quality of life of local populations, but also for the benefit of everyone living on the planet. Our mission is to do our share to ensure the long-term liveability of our planet.

The Need

Armenia’s forests have diminished significantly over the centuries due to human activities. Currently, only 10% of its territory is forested, with 80% of the land facing threat of desertification. Forest creation is a very long-term enterprise, we need to act now to benefit from it 50 years later.

The Solution

We do afforestation on new lands and reforestation in degraded forests, supporting the regeneration of native species. In addition, our work has an important social dimension: it creates jobs and income in economically vulnerable regions.

Our Impact

We have already planted 2 million trees, covering 650 hectares in 6 different areas in Armenia. We have created two nurseries and two greenhouses and employ 48 people. Up to 250 people are hired during the planting seasons. From collecting seeds to forest monitoring: everything is done in-house.

Forests are essential for human life, producing oxygen and clean air, decreasing carbon in the atmosphere, combating soil erosion and desertification, preserving biodiversity, regulating water supply and many other benefits.

We nurture the newly planted trees for several years, and monitor the area for 25 years, to be sure we are not just planting trees, but creating lasting forests.

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