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Support our local partners working in disaster response and resiliency as they serve disaster-affected communities:

Facilitating thoughtful, effective giving across borders.

Myriad Australia provides donors with a simple and efficient solution to support non-profit initiatives around the world. As a global connector for both Australian donors and overseas non-profits, Myriad Australia offers a tax-effective platform to make a lasting impact.

What we do

Myriad Australia build bridges to bring Australian philanthropy to global communities.

Myriad Australia offers several services to Australian donors and overseas nonprofit organisations, including Donor-advised funds, Disaster response funds, and Australia friends funds for overseas nonprofits seeking to raise funds in Australia. Myriad Australia is an experienced ‘philanthropy architect’ – we adopt a flexible approach and develop tailor-made solutions when needed.

How we work with you

Support our partners

Myriad Australia partners with trusted organisations around the world to receive tax-deductible donations from Australian supporters.