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Myriad Australia is a registered Australian charity (DGR1) that provides donors with a simple and efficient platform to support nonprofit initiatives overseas, anywhere globally.

Previously trading as Give2Asia Australia, Myriad Australia brings the expertise and global networks from Give2Asia and the Myriad Alliance to improve the lives of people around the world.

The Myriad Alliance brings together a network of like-minded members who encourage, stimulate, and facilitate cross-border giving, each in the country or region where they are based.

Members provide streamlined services to donors wishing to support causes around the world and to nonprofits implementing meaning projects. We share our knowledge, expertise and network. Giving is dedicated to unlocking the full potential of international philanthropy.

The Myriad Alliance currently counts seven members: Myriad Canada; Myriad Australia; The Gift Trust of New Zealand; Myriad USA; Give2Asia U.S.; Give2Asia Foundation HKSAR; and Myriad Europe.

For more information, see

ABN 20 640 318 636. Find all our audited financial documents and information on the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission portal.

You can donate to a fund in different ways: by credit card, cheque or bank transfer.  For more information, please visit See the online giving pages for our funds.

Yes. Myriad Australia is a Public Benevolent Institution ABN 20 640 318 636, is endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient Item 1 and therefore gifts to Myriad Australia in each relevant State or Territory are tax deductible for the donor.

No, Myriad Australia does not accept unsolicted grant proposals.

If your organisation has a Australian donor who would like to support your activities, contact us at and we’ll be happy to review solutions.

Myriad Australia does not fundraise on behalf of its nonprofit partners, nor do we introduce them to donors, except in cases where both the nonprofit and the donor express interest in such an introduction.

Driven by our commitment to provide the most dynamic and efficient platform for international philanthropy, our transformation into Myriad Australia is an exciting step toward evolving and adapting to better serve our donors, stakeholders, and the many organisations and communities we work with around the world.

This change reflects our dedication to continuous improvement and our ambition to streamline our services within the Myriad Alliance, a global network we helped to launch in 2021, making it simpler to carry out and support the charitable projects that are important to you.

Yes! While this change makes access to the world even easier, our focus remains firmly on our mission to strengthen communities around the world

Myriad Australia will retain its existing organisational structure and governance including:

  • An independent board of directors comprised of some of Australia’s most respected community leaders and business minds;
  • A fantastic team of experienced professionals with expertise in international philanthropy;
  • A trusted and registered Australian charitable organisation.

The transition to Myriad Australia will strengthen our ongoing commitment to our donors who dream of making a difference around the world.

The change to Myriad Australia represents a transformative step that magnifies the collective ability of the Myriad Alliance members to make a difference in the world. It builds upon our commitment to strengthen institutions, empower communities, and improve lives, enhancing our capacity to create lasting positive change for all involved.

Myriad Australia’s evolution is poised to deliver a multitude of benefits to donors, partner organisations, and the communities we serve.

For Donors:

  • Simplified Giving: Myriad Australia offers a streamlined and efficient platform, making it easier than ever for donors to support charitable initiatives globally. Your philanthropic journey becomes smoother and more accessible.
  • Expanded Reach: Myriad Australia connects you to a broader network of nonprofit organisations and causes around the world, providing you with a wider range of impactful projects to support.
  • Transparency: Myriad Australia provides clear reporting and communication on the impact of your giving. We prioritise transparency, ensuring that you see clearly how your work with us drives positive change.

For Overseas Programs and Projects:

  • Enhanced Collaboration: The Myriad Alliance fosters increased collaboration and knowledge-sharing among its members. This synergy strengthens the ability of nonprofit organisations to broaden their visibility with funders globally who are aligned with their work.
  • Resource Efficiency: With Myriad Australia, overseas projects and programs benefit from streamlined collaborations we have with other Myriad members to pool of resources and knowledge, creating more efficient services to benefit programs overseas.

The transition will have no impact on our ongoing projects and commitments. These initiatives will all continue seamlessly.

We understand the importance of stability and consistency, especially when it comes to the valuable partnerships and projects we’ve cultivated over the years. This change is specifically designed to enhance our support while preserving our unwavering dedication to these existing commitments.

Myriad Australia combines global expertise, comprehensive services, transparency, and a network of trusted Alliance members who have first-hand access to thousands of organisations across the globe.

  • Local Expertise with a Global Reach: We have a deep understanding of philanthropic needs both within Australia and internationally, making us a trusted partner for donors with diverse interests.
  • Comprehensive and Flexible Services: Our comprehensive suite of offerings allows donors to tailor their giving experience to their specific preferences and goals.
  • Efficiency and Transparency: We prioritise efficiency and transparency in our operations. Donors can trust that their contributions will be used effectively and that they will receive clear reporting on the impact of their donations.
  • Collaborative Global Network: All of the independent members of the Myriad Alliance work to foster knowledge-sharing, innovation, and resource leverage, thus enhancing the impact of donors’ contributions.
  • Sensitivity to Historical Context: Myriad Australia is committed to recognising historical sensitivities and injustices, making it an ideal choice for donors who value an organisation that respects and acknowledges the past while working towards positive change.

Myriad Australia can only suport programs and/or organsiations focused on poverty alleviation.

Friends Funds: For charities that establish a Friends Fund at Myriad Australia, new donations (e.g. via credit card) go into a fund and can be requested by the nonprofit as needed. This process takes 1-2 weeks.

Donor-Advised Funds: On average, it takes 6-8 weeks from the time Myriad Australia receives your donation for the grantee to receive the grant funds. In disaster response situations, we expedite fund transfers.

Myriad Australia offers unrivaled due diligence capabilities that take every step possible to ensure grant funds are used wisely and as intended. With local staff familiar with the local language and context, Myriad Australia identifies world-class organisations, groups with a demonstrated record of success, and organisations with innovative approaches to the challenges faced by the regions’ communities.


Myriad Australia’s due diligence process includes the following steps:

  • Review of prospective grantees’ articles of incorporation, by-laws, and other documentation to ensure the organization’s charitable purpose and that it has an appropriate governance structure
  • Confirmation of legal registration
  • Check of the organization, board members, and key staff against watch lists of ineligible recipients
  • Review of annual reports and other program reports to determine organisational experience, capabilities and track record
  • Assessment of organizational reputation in-country
  • Review of financial information, including:
    • Current and past budgets showing sources and uses of revenue
    • Internal or independent financial reviews and audits, depending on size of grant
    • Periodic reports on operations and use of foundation-granted funds
    • Accounting practices and systems used by the organisation


Myriad Australia also takes the following steps to exercise proper due diligence on each grant:

  • Review of grant proposal and budget submitted
  • A written grant agreement with specific provisions setting forth mutual responsibilities, signed by both parties
  • Confirmation of the receipt of funds
  • Periodic written reports from the grantee are required describing the grant’s impact and expenditures – reports which are passed on to the donor at the end of a grant period
  • Review of reports and financial statements from the grantee to ensure that the funds are used as agreed and that the project was well managed and implemented

Due diligence can take 4-6 weeks on average, but can be longer or shorter depending on the grantee organisation’s ability to submit requested documentation.

Myriad Australia makes it easier and safer for Australian donors to support charities around the world. By setting up a Friends Fund, your donors can benefit from local donor support, secure online giving, and reliable international fund transfers.

Many Australian donors also want to receive a tax benefit.

An Australia Friends Fund provides nonprofits with a cost-effective solution to receive tax-deductible gifts from supporters in Australia. Avoid the trouble and expense of setting up your own Australian-based charity. Myriad Australia handles donor support and back-office administration, including tax receipts.

Please visit our Australian Friends Fund page for information about how an Australian Friends Fund works, its fees, and services.

Opening an Australian friends fund at Myriad Ausralia is simple and straightforward. The first step to open a fund is to complete our online application form, providing us with information about your organisation, its mission, programs and funding sources. Based on this information, we will determine if your organisation is eligible to receive philanthropic funding from Australia. Once your application has been approved, we will sign an agreement establishing your Australia Friends Fund. This can take between 4-8 weeks.

Myriad Australia can receive gifts by cheque, credit card or bank transfer.

Yes, you can see the donations that your fund has received. Use the login details sent in the email announcing the opening of your fund to access the online portal.

Setting up a fund with Myriad Australia enables you to receive donations from Australian donors. However, Myriad Australia is not a fundraising service. Our Friends Funds are intended for receiving gifts from your own donors.

Yes, with an Australian Friends Fund at Myriad Australia you can apply for grants reserved for DGR1 charitable organisations. Check with the grantmaker to confirm eligibility.

Friends Fund Management Fees

The fee for each donation to a Friends Fund will be calculated based on the total accumulated amount of donations since January 1 every year.

Friends Fund setup fee: $2,000

First AU$150,000 of gifts = 5%
Next AU$500,000 of gifts = 3%
Next AU$650,000 of gifts = 1%
Gifts over AU$1.3 million = 0.5%

No, Myriad Australia needs to receive the full setup fee before initiating due diligence. Myriad Australia cannot start receiving donations on behalf of the nonprofit until due diligence is approved.