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Mobilising giving for local communities in need

Disaster Response Funds enable donors to give quickly and confidently when disaster strikes. Myriad works with a network of local disaster response charities, who provide immediate relief and facilitate long-term recovery. Donors can set up their own fund for a specific relief effort or support our pooled funds that benefit trusted, effective non-profits in affected communities overseas.

Disaster Response Funds Currently Open

DisasterLink – A curated network of experienced, local nonprofits

DisasterLink is a network of 46 trusted partners in 17 countries at high risk or vulnerability for natural disasters. Each pre-positioned member is a trusted member of their community and highly invested in the areas they serve, enabling them to activate immediately during a crisis and help communities rebuild and recover in the long term. While the network is currently focused on Asia, we are working on expanding it to other regions.

Successful disaster response also depends on proper preparation. As a warming climate increases the frequency and intensity of disasters, we also know that many are predictable. In addition to event-specific campaigns, Myriad Australia supports our DisasterLink network members by raising funds to help communities prepare for disasters. This includes support for activities such as early warning systems, evacuation planning, and capacity building for local responders.

Meet our DisasterLink Network Members


  • Foodbank Australia Limited
  • The Salvation Army (New South Wales) Property Trust / Salvo’s


  • An Organization for Socio-Economic Development (AOSED)
  • Bangladesh Environment and Development Society (BEDS)
  • Dhaka Ahsanian Mission
  • Spreeha Bangladesh Foundation


  • Royal Society for Protection of Nature


  • Development and Partnership in Action (DPA)
  • Partnership for Development in Kampuchea (PADEK)


  • Centre for Environment Education (CEE)
  • Goonj
  • Indo Global Social Service Society
  • Sustainable Environment and Ecological Development Society (SEEDS)


  • Project Hope Indonesia
  • Human Initiatives
  • IDEP Foundation
  • Habitat Indonesia


  • Japan Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (JVOAD)
  • Peace Boat Disaster Relief
  • Peace Winds Japan
  • Rescue Stock Yard


  • The Lost Food Project (Persatuan Projek Bantuan LebihanMakanan)


  • Medical Action Myanmar (MAM)
  • IIRR


  • Group for Technical Assistance
  • Human Development Center (HDC)
  • Nyaya Health Nepal
  • Sano Paila (A Little Step)


  • Akhuwat
  • Hashoo Trust
  • IDSP
  • HANDS Pakistan


  • Caritas Manila, Inc.
  • International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR)
  • Philippine Business for Social Progress, Inc. (PBSP)
  • Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation (PDRF)

South Korea

  • The Promise International

Sri Lanka

  • Community Development Services (CDS)
  • Sarvodaya


  • Raks Thai Foundation (CARE Thailand)

Timor Leste

  • CCC
  • Rae Bia