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DisasterLink Emergency Response Fund

A pooled fund for holistic approaches to disaster programming that are both sustainable and scalable.


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Local nonprofits have a distinct advantage in responding to disasters—both during critical first hours and days and during the longer-term recovery and rehabilitation phase. By identifying trusted partners in advance, we’re making it possible for donors to deploy funding overseas rapidly. 

Give2Asia identified pre-positioned local relief organizations in our network that will enable faster disaster response funding to communities in high-risk countries. The DisasterLink Network is Give2Asia’s network of trusted partners in countries at high risk for natural disasters. Each member is highly invested in the areas they serve, enabling them to help communities rebuild and recover long after the immediate crisis is over. 

Disasters are happening every year, and Give2Asia’s local partners are responding to each catastrophe in their respective countries. However, some of these disasters may not receive international attention or the dedicated support they need. Disaster campaigns also require time and effort to reach a certain amount of support.  

This pooled response fund supports Give2Asia’s DisasterLink partners in their efforts to respond to crises immediately and provide relief within days, not weeks.  

To donate to one of our event-specific disaster campaigns, or learn about past disaster responses, please visit here.  

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