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Calcutta Rescue

Calcutta Rescue is dedicated to improving the well-being of impoverished communities in Kolkata. It uplifts marginalized populations by providing essential services, aiming to enhance residents' overall quality of life.


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Our Mission

Calcutta Rescue is dedicated to improve the well-being, education, and living conditions for the distressed in Kolkata. We aim to fill gaps and collaborate with other organizations to provide quality services through offering healthcare services, education support and promote better living standards

The Need

Poverty, a societal curse, manifests as the face of destitution and illiteracy. Inaccessible health services compounded by a lack of awareness and insufficient medical support. Overpopulation and crowding manifest prominently, with poverty, inadequate sanitation, and housing shortages.

The Solution

1) Run primary health centres that offer basic health services free of charge to impoverished communities 2) Run education centres providing a supportive and safe learning environment for slum children 3) Improve living standards by installing toilets and clean drinking water, and renovating houses.

Our Impact

The implementation of our interventions in Kolkata's slums has the potential to bring a transformative change, addressing the challenges of poverty. By focusing on comprehensive solutions, these activities can significantly impact the lives of the inhabitants and improve the overall well-being.

Calcutta Rescue’s Handicraft Project boasts a dedicated wing focused on empowering underprivileged women in Kolkata. The Vocational Training Centre in Belgachia has notably impacted 110 women through tailoring workshops.

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Issue AreaSocial Services

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