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The Garden of Hope

Helping disadvantaged girls and women, like victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence.

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Our Mission

The main vision of GOH is a world free of sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, and domestic violence to relieve and rehabilitate misfortune children, women and their families, promote gender justice & advocate for social and educational reform, and empower girls and young women.

The Need

A total of around 100,000 people are exposed to domestic violence in Taiwan each year, with a high proportion of them controlled financially. Vulnerable youth like victims of sexual assault and prostitution, pregnant teenagers struggle with issues of poverty, violence, and lack of support.

The Solution

GOH provideS gender-based violence survivors employment and housing services to gain economic independence after they leave crisis shelters, which is fundamental for them to break the poverty cycle and escape abuse. They provide vulnerable youth employment support to bring them financial stability.

Our Impact

In 2020, GOH served 15,541 children, adolescents and women in Taiwan. 72% of women in our employment program successfully found jobs or started a business; 96% of them received employment services to escape violence or reduce the frequency of violence. 68% of them have escaped or reduced violence.

The Garden of Hope set up its first halfway house for teenage sexual exploitation survivors in Taipei in 1988. Today, the Foundation has 17 shelters in 12 cities and counties of Taiwan. The shelters house domestic violence survivors and their children, teenage survivors of domestic and sexual violence, teenage pregnancy cases, and female migrant workers who are survivors of labor exploitation, sexual assault, and human trafficking. The Garden of Hope offers crisis, post-crisis and capacity-building services, helping survivors not only recover from the trauma of violence but eliminate the threat of violence in their lives for good. In addition, the Garden of Hope offers prevention programs, telephone counseling and online interventions for pregnant teenage girls and young parents. The programs help the young women to understand their rights, improve their self-esteem and be responsible and functional parents. The Garden of Hope is also the secretariat for the Asian Network of Women’s Shelters, a peak body for shelters and other organizations working to end violence against women in the region. The network reaches some 20 countries and has links with shelter organizations serving diaspora in North America and Europe.

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Issue AreaSocial Services

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