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Yayasan Insan Guna Indonesia

Yayasan Insan Guna Indonesia focuses on a broad spectrum of humanatarian projects including education, women and children, mental health accessibility, safe housing and environmental projects.


Issue AreaCivil Society

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Our Mission

To work with small NGOs in developing their goals and missions, enabling them access to funding, project management, consulting, and the marketing tools necessary to fulfill their mission.

The Need

Poverty is a lack of basic life necessities, education, and opportunities. Mental Health Accessibility, lack of awareness, resources, and availability. Gender Inequality and Women and Children Empowerment.

The Solution

The current programs are Mental Health Facility, Tourism, and Hospitality Training, Safe Houses for street children and their mothers, a Community Kitchen serving hundreds of meals per day, and a Permaculture Garden for the children of generational trash pickers.

Our Impact

Opening Mental Health Facilities for the Community, Hundreds of Young Women uplifted out of poverty, Education for hundreds of young children, Scholarship programs for impoverished adolescents, Hundreds of thousands of meals to the needy, and Spreading Mental Health Awareness.

Yayasan Insan Guna Indonesia is partnered with Right Reasons funding to lead the country in impact. Yayasan Insan Guna Indonesia, or YIGI, works with donors, corporations, and philanthropists to ensure donations have the maximum impact. YIGI partners with transparent, heartfelt initiatives to provide project management, impact reporting, management consulting, and team productivity guidelines to ensure the projects exceed the expectations of all involved parties. YIGI provides sustainability to the NGO sector and transparency, impact reporting, and funds management for donors to ensure their funds have the maximum impact.

Small foundations globally fail due to a lack of resources in marketing and project management, and their resources get stretched between acquiring funding and making an impact to the point most organization(s) fail.  YIGI has the team to bring charitable dreams to reality, and the management knows how to protect donors’ and philanthropists’ goals and missions.

In the first six months of its establishment, Yayasan Insan Guna Indonesia has been able to aid in opening the first non-profit Mental Health facility in Indonesia. This sets a global standard in that mental health treatments should be accessible to everyone. YIGI, with its partners in Indonesia and Australia, has also been able to educate hundreds of residents about the basic signs, symptoms, and treatments of mental health.

YIGI also turned waste into priceless pieces of art that brought large-scale awareness to the Plastic problem in Bali but, more importantly, raised much-needed funds for hundreds of children stuck in the “trash pit” to be able to access nutritious foods, clean drinking water, and education. This project will introduce permaculture and basic farming practices to children, teaching them about the food cycle, responsibility, nutrition, and providing fresh fruits and veggies for them to consume. The later Plans of this project are to provide scholarship opportunities to the children, showing the academic potential, motivation, and resources (home security) to succeed in a college education.

In 2024, YIGI will be focusing on gender equality, providing young, impoverished women a way to break the cycle of poverty. Through providing access to education, sustainable homing, English language skills, Tourism, and Hospitality training followed by Fair job placement, hundreds of lives will be changed, and thousands will be impacted. YIGI, through already existent partners of Right Reasons, will continue to provide food, shelter, education, and empowerment tools for hundreds of street children to break out of the cycle of street begging.  Last but not least, YIGI will be setting up relations across the island to provide hair pieces for those suffering from cancer and its associated treatments. Also, the focus on mental health awareness and accessibility will be led throughout 2024.

If you are looking for a way to give back to Bali, Indonesia, or get involved with the community when you are here. Look NO FURTHER. Get in touch with Yayasan Insan Guna Indonesia today.

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Issue AreaCivil Society

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